Kursus Bahasa Inggris Online Lesson 7

Selamat datang sobat Pandu di kursus online bahasa inggris gratis yang sudah masuk ke lesson 7, Pandupedia yakin kemampuan bahasa inggris sobat Pandu sudah pasti ada perkembangan , bahkan mungkin sudah ada yang jagoo ya...nah siang ini sambil menunggu sore untuk berbuka puasa kita lanjut ya belajar bahasa inggris nya...cusssss klik aja di audio mp3 nya ya..

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Do you tend (cenderung) to be British English or American English ... ?

AMERICAN                  BRITISH 
1. a. New York                         b. New York
2. a. reptile                               b. reptile
3. a. library                               b. library--
4. a. December                         b. December--
5. a. laboratory--                      b. laboratory
6. a. garage--                             b. garage
7. a. either --                              b. either
8. a. communicative--             b. communicative
9. a. January--                          b. January
10. a. brochure--                      b. brochure


1. a. calibre                                b. caliber
2. a. favorite                              b. favourite
3. a. analog                                b. analogue
4. a. realize                                b. realise
5. a. license                                b. licence
6. a. instal                                  b. install
7. a. ether                                   b. aether
8. a. airplane                             b. aeroplane
9. a. gray                                    b. grey
10 a. check                                 b. cheque
11. a. program                           b. programme
12. a. plow                                 b. plough
13. a. pajamas                           b. pyjamas
14. a. specialty                          b. speciality
15. a. skeptic                             b. sceptic


1. a. movie                                  b. cinema
2. a. gas                                       b . petrol
3. a. elevator                              b. lift
4. a. vacation                             b. holiday
5. a. truck                                   b. lorry
6. a. fall                                       b. autumn
7. a. pants                                   b. trousers
8. a. candies                               b. sweets
9. a. cookies                               b. biscuits
10. a. sick                                   b. ill
11. a. eat lunch                          b. have lunch
12. a. spectacles                        b. glasses
13. a. cab                                    b. taxi
15. a. parking lot                      b. car park


Saya telah menyertakan 2 (dua) buah lagu. Dengarkan dan tentukan yang mana yang American dan yang mana yang British English.

1. WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN (ketika orang suci berbaris)

Review 1
Part 1 : Introduction
Part 2 : Answer my questions completely
Review 2 : Interview me.

1. full name                              12. phone number
2. spell                                      13. hobby
3. full name                             14. zodiac
4. nickname                            15. favorite music
5. age                                        16. favorite drink
6. job                                        17. favorite tv program
7. position
8. home address
9. postal code
10. marriage
11. religion

Section I : Pronunciation

                 [o] à baca : ou

oh                  rivaldo
go                  carlo
also               polo
no                  timbo
so                  akimbo (baca ekimbow) → berkacak pinggang
ringo            only
Santo and Rivaldo are brothers
They go together everyday
I think they are both clever
Carlo and Paulo are their friends
Carlo is rather thin. Paulo is also thin
I think they are all good friends

Section II : Speaking
How to introduce someone

Review the Dialog

Bill : John, this is my father Mr. Alex
Bev : nice to meet you, Mr. Alex
Dave : nice to meet you too, Bill

Practice the following at home

Model 1

Hi, my name is Siti. My full name is Siti Komariah but people call me Kokom. I am 16 years old. I am a student and I am class IX. My school is SMU Nusantara.

My home address is Jl Paus No.1 and my school address is Jl Yos Sudarso No. 5, I am still single of course. I am moslem. My zodiac is Libra and my hobby is Dancing. That’s all thank you very much (sekian terimakasih )

Model 2

Hello, my is Andy. My full name is Andy William. I don’t have a middle name. I am an employee. My office address is Jl. Melawai No. 3. My company is PT Ujung Lima. My position is a manager there.

I am catholic. I am 36 years old and I am married. Oh yes, my hobbies are sightseeing (jalan2) and watching movies (nonton film). My favorite film is Mandarin. My favorite movie star is Jet Lee. That’s all for today, thank you very much

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