Kursus Bahasa Inggris Online Lesson 27

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Review 1 : Discuss the Story in Short, Complete, Short & Complete Answers

T : I shall sing -> I am going to sing

1. I shall sing                       6. You shall sing

2. I shall answer                  7. She shall sing

3. I shall ask you                 8. He shall sing

4. I shall be here                  9. They shall sing

5 I shall be your partner     10. They shall be here


Mrs. Jenkins is in a department store. She is going to buy a coat. She is standing near the counter. She is waiting for the shop assistant. A fat lady is standing near the counter too. She is looking at Mrs Jenkins. Now, she is talking to Mrs. Jenkins

Fat Lady       : excuse, me

Mrs. Jenkins : yes?

Fat Lady       : Are you going to serve me?

                        I want a coat

Mrs. Jenkins : I’m sorry, I can’t serve you

Fat Lady       : Of course, You can serve me. that’s your job

Mrs. Jenkins : It’s not my job. I want a coat too. I’m a customer
                        I’m not a shop assistant

Review 2 : Prepare, retell the story in written. Memorize it and then retell it orally

Morning everyone, today I have another story for you. It’s about Mrs. Jenkins and a fat lady. One day Mrs.Jenkins is in a department store. She is going to buy a coat. She is standing near the counter. She is waiting for a shop assistant. At that time, there is a fat lady. The fat lady is standing near her. et.c

Review 3 : You are Mrs. Jenkins
Review 4 : You are the fat lady

Section 1 : The Simple Past Tense (Nominal)



Predicate ; TOBE dan VERB (masing2 berubah 3x)


Functions :

1. Fakta masa lalu

2. Kebiasaan masa lalu

Predicate 1


Time Signal : Last ... / Yester ..... / ....ago/ ..Sunday before last

Practice 1 :

Teacher : John is here today

Student : Yesterday, he was here too

Teacher : My friends are here today

Student : Yesterday, my friends were here too

1. I am here today                      11. Our sister is here today

2. You are here today                 12. The doctor is here today

3. They are here today               13. John’s brother is here today

4. We are here today                  14. John’s brothers are there today

5. He is here today                     15. The cat is here today

6. She is here today                    16. Lake Toba is clean today

7. John is here today                   17. The weather (cuaca) is good today

8. My brother is here today        18. It is cloudy (berawan) today

9. My sister is here today           19. The price is 10$ today

10. My sisters are here today      20. The class is off (libur) today

Practice 2 : Transform into ( - ) and ( ? ) orally and written

1. You are a teacher                   7. She teaches English

2. You teach every day              8 She shall teach tomorrow

3. You will teach tomorrow       9. She will be my wife

4. You will be at school            10. She was here last week

5. You must go by taxi              11. There is a book

6. She is teaching                      12 There are some books

Translate into Indonesian : (Terjemahkan kedalam bahasa Indonesia)


Sally Jones is five years old. She goes to school every day. She paints pictures and brings them home. Sally shows the pictures to her mother. Her mother can’t understand them.

Mother : What is that, Sally?

Sally : It’s a house

Mother : and what are theres?

Sally : these are rooms. This room is the kitchen. That is my bedroom

Mother : What are those green lines

Sally : They’re not lines, mum. They’re trees. This tree is in the sky

Mother : Is this an aeroplane

Sally : It’s not an aeroplane, mum. It’s you. You’re in the sky, too.

Complete Answer

1. is Mrs. Jenkins at school?                  16. what does she want to buy

2. is she in a department store?              17. can Mrs. Jenkins help her

3. is she going to buy a toothbrush?       18. can Mrs. Jenkins serve her

4. is she going to buy a book?                19. Will Mrs. Jenkins serve her

5. what is she going to buy?                   20. Why

6. is she standing near the window?

7. where is she standing?

8. is she waiting for her friend?

9. whom is she waiting for?

10. is a lady standing near her?

11. is the lady thin?

12. how is the lady?

13. is she looking at Mrs. Jenkins

14. does the fat lady want to buy a book

15. does the fat lady want to buy a toothpaste

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