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Kursus Bahasa Inggris Online Lesson 26

Posted by PANDUPEDIA.COM on Senin, 08 Juni 2020

Selamat siang sobat Pandu...cukup lama nih vacuum update materi kursus bahasa inggris online nya ya, kebetulan admin ada kesibukan lain. Nah untuk saat ini kita sudah masuk ke lesson 26 ya, dan untuk mempersingkat waktu langsung aja mulai kursus online bahasa inggrisnya...

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Review 1    : Discuss the Story in Short, Complete, Short & Complete Answers

Review 2    : Prepare, retell the story in written. Memorize it and then retell it orally

Let me tell you a story about Mr. Wilkins, Mrs. Wilkins and their baby. One day Mr. Wilkins is in his living room. He is reading a book and his wife, Mary is in the kitchen. She is cooking Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins have a baby. It is a baby son. But the baby is not with them. Mrs. Wilkins asks her husband “is the baby with you, John? He’s not in the kitchen”. Mr. Wilkins answers “No, Mary. He isn’t here, he’s upstairs”. Mrs Wilkins is worried (cemas). She says to her husband “please go and see, John. He is very quiet”. Mr. Wilkins is now upstairs. Then he says, “he’s not in his room, Mary”. Mrs Wilkins asks her husband “is he in our room”. Then her husband says, “No, he’s not in our room. He’s in the bathroom”. Mrs. Wilkins is surprised ;(terkedjut) then says, “what’s he doing?”. Mr. Wilkins answers, “he’s cleaning his shoes with your tootbrush”

Review 3    : You are Mr. Wilkins

Review 4    : You are Mrs. Wilkins 

Section 1    : To Infinitive (Want TO, Like TO, Need TO)

My name is Ramona Ginting. I come from Medan. But I live in Jakarta. I miss my hometown (kampung halaman) very much. I want to see Lake Toba. I  like to swim there. I want to play with my friends in Lake Toba. I want to see my parents too. They miss me very much and. I miss them alot but I can’t see them today. Because I am busy with my job. I will see them in Lebaran Days. I will go there by plane. I will enjoy my holiday in my hometown.

Practice 1    :

1.    is your name Joana?                                       21    Why?
2.    do you come fromMaluku?                            22.    When can you see them?
3.    where do you come from?                             23.    Will you see them in Lebaran Day?
4.    do you live in Medan?                                    24.    Will you go there by train?
5.    where do you live?                                         25.    will you go there by bus
6.    Is Jakarta your hometown?                            26    .how will you go there
7.    what is your hometown?                                27.    will you enjoy your holiday
8.    do you want to visit Lake Toba?
9.    do you want to see Lake Toba?
10.    do you want to play in Lake Toba?
11.    do you want to swim there too?
12.    do you want to swim with your friends
13.    are your parents in Jakarta?
14.    where are your parents?
15.    do you want to visit them?
16.    do you want to see them?
17.    do you miss your parents?
18.    do they miss u too?
19.    Can you see them today?
20.    Canyou see them tomorrow?

Practice 2    : Translate into Indonesian

1.   Saya ingin pergi                                  11.    Saya ingin berlatih bahasa inggris dengan mu
2.   saya ingin pergi bersama mu              12.    saya ingin bicara bahasa inggris
3.    Saya ingin mengatakan itu                 13.    Saya ingin bicara bahasa inggris dengan teman saya
4.    Saya ingin mengatakan mu                14.    Saya ingin mengunjungi kawan saya
5.    Saya ingin mengatakan mu itu           15.    Saya ingin menemui (see) kawan saya
6.    Saya ingin menelpon john                  16.    Saya ingin bertemu (meet) kawan saya
7.    saya ingin menelpon bos saya            17.    Saya ingin bertanya
8.    Saya ingin memberi Anda                  18.    Saya ingin menanyakan Anda
9.    Saya ingin memberi Anda itu             19.    Saya ingin menanyakan Anda tentang itu
10.    Saya ingin berlatih bahasa inggris    20.    Saya ingin menjawab

Want to = wanna (american)
Notice    :  say = berkata          tell = mengatakan

Practice 3    :

A    : I like to swim
B    : Of course, you need to swim

Practice 4    : Read and understand the story, memorize it and retell it with your own words
Practice 5    : Retell the story with your own words again, but Ramona is your friend


Hukum Kalimat    :

1.Predicate selalu Verb atau Tobe

I am a teacher (Predicate = tobe)
I teach (Predicate = verb)

2.Verb adalah kata kerja murni yang belum mendapatkan awalan atau akhiran apapun
seperti write, sing

Jika sudah mendapatkan awalan TO SING, TO WRITE → noun / kata benda Begitupun jika sudah mendapatkan akhiran ING seperti SINGING, WRITING mereka adalah Nouns

3.Subject, Object = NOUN

             I           like         Sport
            S         P=verb     O=noun

            I         like  swim           ---> kalimat ini salah karena Object nya BUKAN noun
           S          P       O

            I           like  swimming --. Kalimat ini benar karena objectnya sekarang adalah NOUN
            I           like to swim      ->  Kalimat ini juga benar karena objectnya NOUN

Practice 6    :Translate into English


Mrs. Jenkins is in a department store. She is going to buy a coat. She is standing near the counter. She is waiting for the shop assistant. A fat lady is standing near the counter too. She is looking at Mrs Jenkins. Now, she is talking to Mrs. Jenkins

Fat Lady              : excuse, me
Mrs. Jenkins        : yes?
Fat Lady              : Are you going to serve me?
                              I want a coat
Mrs. Jenkins        : I’m sorry, I can’t serve you
Fat Lady              : Of course, You can serve me. that’s your job
Mrs. Jenkins        : It’s not my job. I want a coat too. I’m a customer
                               I’m not a shop assistant


You will learn    ( Anda mau belajar )
You shall go    ( Anda akan belajar )


Contoh :

You shall learn = you ARE GOING TO learn
I shall learn      = I AM GOING TO learn

Orang Amerika biasa membuat singkatan sbb.

want to       = wanna        --> I wanna tell you something
be going to = gonna        -->  I am gonna tell you something
have got to =  gotta        ---> You gotta tell me (Anda harus mengatakan pada saya)

Ini adalah pertanyaan2 yang saya tanyakan pada review 1 di awal

Review 1    :

1.    Are there 5 persons in the story?                  14.    Will Mrs. Wilkins see the baby?
2.    how many persons are there in the story?    15.    Will Mrs. Wilkins go upstairs?
3.    who are they?                                               16.    Who will go upstairs?
4.    Is Mrs. Wilkins upstairs?                              17.    Who will see the baby?
5.    Where is she?                                               18.    Is the baby in his room
6.    Is she with the baby?                                    19.    Is the baby in Mary’s room
7.    Where is the baby                                         20.    Where is the baby?
8.    Is the baby a son or a daughter?                   21.    Is the baby singing?
9.    is Mr. Wilkins in the kitchen?                      22.    What is the baby doing?
10.    Where is he?
11.    Are Mr and Mrs. Wilkins downstairs?
12.    Is the baby with them?
13.    Is the baby noisy or very quiet?


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