Kursus Bahasa Inggris Online Lesson 15

Selamat sore sobat Pandu, kita lanjutkan ya kursus online bahasa inggrisnya, kali ini kita masuk di pertemaua lesson 15 ya..langsung klik aja ya audionya untuk mendengarkan tutornya :

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Review Pronunciation

Washington apples
Many people like to take apples, to school or to work to eat with their lunches
Apples are red, yellow or green
Apple trees grow in nearly every part of the world
The United States produces more of this popular fruit
than any other countries except France

Section I : Pronunciation

walk + ed ==> walked [t] – bunyi tidak getarv/ voiceless
learn + ed ==> learned [d] – bunyi getar / voice sound

[ d ]                                       [ t ]                                     [ id ] - asal kata ada letupan

learned                                 walked                                 guard + ed
climbed                                stopped                                parted
timed                                    kissed                                  wanted
tagged                                  washed                                ended
lived                                     mixed

Many people liked apples
They worked in a factory
They loved each other
They wanted a harmony living {harmeny)

Section II : Speaking - orang asing bilang theris (e seperti elang)

THERE IS /THERE ARE : How many animals are there? 

Practice 1 :

1. is it a garden or a zoo?                                   14. are there 3 bears?
2. how many animals are there?                        15. how many bears are there?
3. is there a giraffe?                                           16. is there a bear in your house?
4. is there a cat?                                                 17. is there a cat?
5. is there a dog?                                                18. is there a dog?
6. is there a monkey?                                         19. what animals are there?
7. what animals are there?                                 20. is there a toilet in your house?
8. are there 2 giraffes?                                       21. are there 5 toilets?
9. how many giraffes are there?                        22. are there 4 toilets?
10. are there 5 birds?                                         23. how many toilets are there
11. are there 4 birds?                                         24. is the toilet dirty (kotor) ?
12. are there 3 birds?                                         25. how is the toilet?
13. how many birds are there?

clean = bersih

Practice 2


My name is Jack. My full name is Jack Nichols. My house is not big but beautiful.
There are 2 bedrooms, 1 living room (ruang keluarga), 1 dining room (ruang makan),
1 kitchen and 1 toilet. There are 3 animals in my house. They are all cats.
I have a small family. There are only 5 persons (orang) in my house. They are my Dad,
my Mom, my brothers Bill and (baca en) John and me.
Sehari - hari orang mengucapkan en bukan en

Practice 3


A : are there any girls in this room?               ---> questions
B : no, there are not any girls in this room,    ---> negative
      but there are some boys                            ---> positive
1. girls – boys                            6. teachers - students
2. dogs – cats                             7. soldiers - policemen
3. tables – desks                         8. doctors - nurses
4. books – pens                          9. singers - dancers
5. men – women -(wimen)       10. spoons (sendok) – forks (garpu)

Practice 4


( + ) there are some girls
( - ) there are not any girls
( ? ) are there any girls?

(are there some girls) → yakin kalau ada

1. girls                             6. books
2. boys                            7. pens
3. dogs                            8. men
4. cats                             9. women
5. tables                         10. desks


A. COUNTABLE (bisa dihitung) (kauntebel)

1. Singular (tunggal)        --> a book, an apple
2. Plural (jamak)              --> books, apples

--- irreguler nouns -> mouse, mice –child – children

B. UNCOUNTABLE (tidak bisa dihitung)
water, ink, bread, money, time (abstract noun) – seperti love → tobe pakai IS

countable :
I eat an apple                                     there is an apple
I eat a lot of apples                            there are alot of apples → to be pakai are

I drink water                                     there is some water
I drink a lot of water                         there is a lot of water → to be pakai is

Practice 5
book -> there ARE some books – bisa dihitung
water -> there IS some water – tidak bisa dihitung

1. book              6. tea
2 water              7. bread
3. pen                8. sugar
4. coffee            9. car
5. pencil            10. juice

Practice 6

(Do it in written)

There are some books
There is some water
There are some pens
There is some coffee
There are some pencils
There is some tea
There is some bread
There is some sugar
There are some cars
There si some juice

Practice 7


there are some books
there are not any books
are there any books?


there is some water
there is not any water
is there any water?

why vocabulary not improving? focus structure orally – vocabulary later (reading)
the best way to improve vocabulary, NOT by memorizing, e.g THAT (itu, bahwa, yang, sehingga)

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