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Kursus Bahasa Inggris Online Lesson 3

Seperti pada pertemuan sebelumnya, sebelum kita memulai lesson ke 3 ini mari kita lakukan review pada pembelajaran sebelumnya ya..seperti biasa silahkan klik audio mp3 dibawah ini untuk mendengarkan tutor kursus bahasa inggris online ini :

Atau download dilink dibawah ini :

Review 1:
  • The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dogs
  • 11,12,20,13,15,50,51,71,100,112,120,290,999,1.000
 Jika sudah mereview pembelaran sebelumnya, kita lanjut ke lesson 3 ya..cekidot!!

Section 1 : Pronunciation

Apakah semua bunyi yang diawali bunyi plossive [k, p, t] memiliki letupan angin? tentu saja tidak untuk kata-kata berikut :

pray, try, cry, dll.

Secara otomatis sangat sulit untuk mengeluarkan letupan, dan bahasa itu prinsipnya cari gampangnya kok, enjoy aja. Kalau pun Anda beri letupan, ya ngga apa-apa.

Practice 1

Tom and Paulo are friends.

They have 2 pets, 2 cars and 1 book

Time is money.

Ten little Indian boys

Take one pill every time you come

 Practice 2
  1. On his pitch he played/placed the ball carefully
  2. The people told/polled about the tax were upset
  3. He wondered if the suit/soup would be ready in time
  4. The date/day for the party was perfect
  5. The lock/lot you wanted is finally on sale
  6. He couldn’t get the black tape/cape off his shoulder
  7. The golfer was thrilled with the shop/shot
  8. The duck foot/food was an unusual color
  9. I know if I want/won I could play in the tournament
  10. Although you expect a forest, ahead/instead you will see a lake

 Section 2 : Personal Identity

  • Suparno (no, my name is not suparno  / yes, my name is suparno)
  • 23 years old
  • a computer technician
  • Jl Paus No.1
  • 085285418319
  • Yogo
  • 15 years old
  • a student
  • Jl. Bugis No.2
  • No Phone Number
  • I dont have phone number
Practice 3       : Retell the above pictures

Practice 4       : Answer these questions completely

           What’s your ___________  (name, job, address, phone number)
           How old are you ?

My name is Suparno
I am 23 years old
I am a computer technician
My address is Jl. Bawal No.2
My phone number is 085285418319
I don’t have a phone number
a student                                 - seorang pelajar
an employee                           - karyawan
a government employee         - pegawai negeri
retired                                      - pensiun
a house wife                            - ibu rumah tangga
a businessman                        - wirausaha
a graduate student                  - alumni pelajar

Practice 5      : Tell me about you

Name                  :  very irawan_______________________

Age                     : __________36 years old_____________

Job                     : __________employee_______________

Address             : _________________________________

Phone Number  : _____085778523085_________________

Practice 6          : Answer my questions based on your own data

Practice 7          : Yes and No

1.My name is not .budi..............................

2.But my name is ..very irawan...........................

3.I am not .....20.............years old

4.But I am ......31.............years old

5.I am not a professor

6.But I am an employee ...........................

7.My address is not Jl. Bawal No.1

8.But my address is Jl. .griya serpong.......................

9.My phone number is not 123456

10.But my phone number is .08121332164..................

Practice 8       : Retell it

Practice 9       : Rewrite practice 7 without looking at the paper