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Kursus Bahasa Inggris Online Lesson 25

Haloo sebut Pandu, selamat datang kembali di kursus online bahasa inggris gratisnya ya..untuk melanjutkan kursusnya silahkan langsung aja klik audio player dibawah ini :

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Review 1: Discuss the Story in Short, Complete, Short & Complete Answers
Review 2: Prepare, retell the story in written. Memorize it and then retell it orally
Review 3: You are Mrs. Robinson
Review 4: You are Mrs. Price

Section 1: Talking about Future Activity (WILL)
will not -> won’t

Today – Sunday

Notice    : Prepositions of Time

ON    - Monday /January 1st    [untuk hari dan bulan yang pakai tanggal pakai ON]
IN     - January, the morning, 2009 [bagian hari/ tahun / bulan]
AT     - Noon, Dawn / fajar, Dusk / senja, night [bagian hari tertentu]

Practice 1    : Complete Answer, then short answers then short & complete answers

1.Are you in Bali today?                          8.will you go to Bali on Monday?
2.where are you?                                      9.will you go to Bali on Tuesday?
3.when will you go to Singapore?           10.will you go to Bali on Wednesday?
4.what day will you go to Manila?          11.when will you go to Bali?
5.will you go to Tokyo on Monday?        12.will you go to Singapore tomorrow?
6.will you go to Tokyo on Tuesday?        13.what day is tomorrow?
7.what day will you go to Tokyo?

STRUCTURE        : Simple Future

Pattern        : Subject + WILL/SHALL + Predicate (verb/tobe)

I go to Singapore ---> I will go to Singapore (ada verb)
I am in Singapore -->  I will BE in Singapore (tidak ada verb)

(difference between WILL and SHALL)

I will buy a car but I don’t have money  belum pasti (mau)baru keinginan
I shall buy a car tomorrow, the money is ready sudah pasti (akan)

Time Signal    : tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next Sunday, Sunday after Next,
                         soon, later

Section 2
will not -> won’t

Today – Sunday

Practice 2    : Complete Answers, then short answers then short & complete answers

1.    Are you in Bali today?            8.    will you be in Bali on Monday?
2.    where are you?                9.    will you be in Bali on Tuesday?
3.    when will you go to Singapore?        10.    will you be in Bali on Wednesday?
4.    what day will you  be in Manila?        11.    when will you be in Bali?
5.    will you be in Tokyo on Monday?        12.    will you be in Singapore tomorrow?
6.    will you be in Tokyo on Tuesday?        13.    what day is tomorrow?
7.    what day will you be in Tokyo?

Practice 3    :

I visit John        -> I will visit John
I am at school        -> I will BE at school

1.You tell me                        7.You are clever
2.You give me                      8.He comes
3.You answer me                 9.You see me
4.You are here                    10.She is my wife
5.You are my friend            11.John is here
6.You come to my house    12.Our teacher is happy

Practice 4    : Translate into Indonesian


John Wilkins is in the living room. His wife, Mary, is in the kitchen. She is calling him

Mrs. Wilkins        ; Is the baby with you, John?
                               He’s not in the kitchen
Mr. Wilkins         : He isnt here, Mary. He’s upstairs
Mrs. Wilkins        : Please go and see, John. He’s very quiet
Mr. Wilkins         : All right, Mary

(Now Mr. Wilkins is upstairs)

Mr. Wilkins          : He’s not in his room, Mary
Mrs. Wilkins        : Is he in our room?
Mr. Wilkins         : No, he’s not. He’s in the bathroom
Mrs. Wilkins        : What’s he doing?
Mr. Wilkins         : He’s cleaning his shoes with your toothbrush

(Ini adalah pertanyaan2 yang saya berikan pada Review 1)

1.is mrs robinson at school?               14.whose ladder is it?   
2.where is she?                                    15.can mrs price give the ladder in the morning
3.is she standing near the tree?           16.when can she give the ladder       
4.where is she standing?                      17.is her husband using the ladder
5.what is her neighbour’s name           18.is her husband singing or painting
6.is it in the afternoon?                         19.is he painting a picture
7.when is it?                                         20.is he an artist
8.are they singing?                                21.is painting his hobby
9.what are they doing?                          22.is he painting the bedroom
10.does mrs robinson want a book        23.what room is he painting
11.does mrs robinson want a ladder      24.is he downstairs
12.is it mrs green’s ladder?                     25where is he
13.is it mr. robert jones’ ladder?            26.is he with his wife


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