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Kursus Bahasa Inggris Online Lesson 24

Posted by PANDUPEDIA.COM on Kamis, 28 Mei 2020

Selamat sore sobat Pandu..,masih pada semangatkan belajar bahasa inggrisnya? kita lanjut lanjut lagi ya kursus online bahasa inggrisnya, langsung klik aja ya :

Untuk yang mau download audinya, bisa klik tautan dibawah ini :


Review 1: Discuss the Story in Short, Complete, Short & Complete Answers
Review 2: Prepare, retell the story in written. Memorize it and then retell it orally

Good morning every one. Let met tell you the story about Alice, Tommy and their mother. Alice, Tommy and their mother are in the park. They are not walking. The children are tired and their mother is tired too.

Tommy says “can we sit on the grass, mum”, her mother answers “no, you can’t children. The grass is wet”. And then Alice says to her mother “ Look, mum. I can see a bench near that tree.We can sit there”. But her mother answers “ No, you can’t children. The bench is wet too”. Then Alice says to her mother “it’s not raining, mum. The bench isn’t wet”. Finally (akhirnya), her mother says “can you a notice on the bench, Alice?’. Alice answers ‘yes, I can”. Her mother asks her again “what does the notice say?”, but Alice says “I can’t read it”. Then Alice asks her brother “Can you read the notice, Tommy?”. Tommy answers “yes, I can. It says ‘wet paint’

Review 3: You are Tommy
Review 4: You are Alice
Review 5: You are their mother

Section 1: Command and Request in Positive and Negative

Ali                   : tomorrow is my birthday
mary                : really?
Ali                   : Sure, come to my house at 9:00
                           ask John to come too
Mary               : can I tell Alex ?
Ali                  : yes, but don’t tell him today
                          tell him tomorrow before you go
Mary              : OK
Ali                   : remember, please be in time and don’t be late
Mary               : alright


1.    Go --> go
2.    happy --> be happy?

Notice    : ada 2 jenis kalimat yaitu verbal (verb no tobe), dan nominal (tobe ..no verb)

Verbal        -> I teach
Nominal    -> I AM a teacher

Practice 1    :                       happy    --> be happy

1.    happy                              6.    smart
2.    here in the morning        7.    my friend
3.    honest with me               8.    calm
4.    diligent                           9.    cool
5.    a good student               10.    on time

Practice 2    :                      Go    --> go
                                           Happy    --> be happy

1.talk to me                         6.bring me the book
2.nice                                  7.hurry
3.buy a dictionary               8.eat quickly
4.a good man                      9.visit me tomorrow
5.look at her                      10.relax

Practice 3    : Positive and Negative Request

1.talk to me                     6.bring me the book
2.nice                              7.hurry
3.buy a dictionary           8.eat quickly
4.a good man                  9.visit me tomorrow
5.look at her                   10.relax


Thanks for reading & sharing PANDUPEDIA.COM

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