Kursus Bahasa Inggris Online Lesson 13

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Evaluation 2

Paulo, Carol and Tom are my friends. Paulo and Tom are brothers. Paulo is fat and Tom is also fat. Carol is not fat, she is thin. They always go together everywhere. They love Rock music. They always go to music concerts. One day, Carol comes to Paulo, “Paulo, let me show you something .. it’s this”. Surprise, Carol shows him an animal. It’s a dog. Carol likes dogs, she likes hotdogs too. Paulo likes pets. So now, both of them are happy. They have a new pet. A beautiful thin dog.

Review 1 : Wednesday, June 23rd

1. You are Mary
2.You are Beth

Review 2 : What’s the date today?

1.   23 Juni  june the 23rd                               11.   1 Januari
2.  1 Oktober → Oct the 1st                                12.   29 September
3.  5 November → November the 5th, 2009  13.   15 Maret
4.  3 Desember                                                      14.   22 April
5.  9 Januari                                                           15.   Your birthday
6.  31 Desember
7.21 April
8.14 Februari
9.2 July,
10.25 Agustus

Written Exercise 1

1. 23 Juni --> (AE) June 23rd, 2009 → (baca) June the 23rd

--> (BE) 23rd June 2009 → (baca) the 23rd of June

Review 3 : Translate

Hi, my name is Mellisa. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister.
The first is my old brother, John
The second is my old sister, Anne
The third is me and the fourth is my younger brother, Bill.
That’s all, thank you very much

Section I : Pronunciation

[ Ʒ ] mulut seperti sya tapi yang keluar zzz

pleasure - plezyer                                   Seandainya :
garage - gerazy                                       1. pleasure [ s ]
leisure - leizyer                                      2. pleasure [ ]
usually - uzyuli                                      3. pleasure [ z ]
rouge - ruzy                                            4. pleasure [ Ʒ ]
beige - bezy

Section II : Speaking (WHOSE) → Milik Siapa

Notice :

       Whose                                       = Milik siapa
       Bob’s  trumpet                          = HIS trumpet
       Nancy’s saxophone                   = HER saxophone
       Bill and John’s violin                = THEIR violin

Practice 1

                1.  Mary’s pen                                         7. John and Mary’s mother
                2.  my mother’s pen                                8.  My cat’s mother
                3.  my brother’s pen                                9.  My sister’s pen
                4.  your brother’s pen                             10. My sisters’ pen
                5.  John’s pen                                          11. The students’ pen
                6.  John and Mary’s pen                          12. You and I’s book


                Bill        : is this my pen ?
                John      : no, this is not your pen
                Bill        : Whose pen is this ?
                John      : This is Mary’s pen
                                By the way, how is your pen?
                Bill        : My pen is new


  • I am John, this is MY house
  • You are Mary, this is YOUR house
  • We are students, this is OUR school
  • They are teachers, this is THEIR school
  • He is Mr. Green, this is HIS house
  • She is Mrs. Black, this is HER house
  • It is my cat, this is ITS mother

Practice 2
1. Is your name Alex?                                14. Look at No.3, are they Tom and Jerry?
2. What’s your name?                                15. Who are they?
3. Whose piano is this?                              16. Are they doctors?
4. Look at No. 1, is this your trumpet?      17. What are they?
5. Is this Nancy’s trumpet?                        18. Is this your violin?
6 Whose trumpet is this?                           19. Is this Bob’s violin?
7. Look at No. 2, is she Mary?                   20. Is this Nancy’s violin?
8. Who is she?                                            21. Whose violin is this?
9. Is she a doctor?                                       22. By the way, is your piano old (tua) ?
10. What is she?                                         23. How is your piano?
11. Is this your saxophone?
12. Is this Bob’s saxophone?
13. Whose saxophone is this?

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