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Kursus Bahasa Inggris Online Lesson 12

Posted by PANDUPEDIA.COM on Senin, 18 Mei 2020

Hai sobat Pandu..kita lanjut lagi kursus bahasa inggris online gratisnya ya..kali ini kita sudah masuk ke lesson 12 ya,sebelum kita mulai lesson 12, pada lesson 11 sebelumnya kita diberikan tugas oleh tutornya...gimana sobat Pandu udah pada lancar belum ya?biar ga buang buang waktu kita lanjut belajar bahasa inggris online nya ya..jangn lupa klik audio tutornya ya..

Untuk link downloadnya klik tautan dibawah ini ya..

Challenge 1.
Nama anda John tetapi data lainnya gunakan data diri dan keluarga anda sendiri.

 Challenge 2.

Challenge 3
Paulo, Carol and Tom are my friends. Paulo and Tom are brothers. Paulo is fat and Tom is also fat. Carol is not fat, she is thin. They always go together everywhere. They love Rock music. They always go to music concerts. One day, Carol comes to Paulo, “Paulo, let me show you something, it’s this”. Surprise, Carol shows him an animal. It’s a dog. Carol likes dogs, she likes hotdogs too. Paulo likes pets. So now, both of them are happy. They have a new pet. A beautiful thin dog.

Section I               : Pronunciation

              [ ǽ ]                                         [e ]

                bag                                         beg (memohon)

                dad                                        dead                                      BUG       -   BAG    - BEG

                pan (panci)                         pen

                land                                       lend - meminjamkan

                sand                                      send

                band                                      bend



  competition 3 orang yaitu Ali, Budi dan Chandra, Dodi     : CAT  [ k ǽ t ]

Hello, Dad. Are you happy today? Today I am rather sad. My boy friend

Peter Pan is sick. I have 2 things from him, 1 pan and 1 pen.

Will you send the sand for me? may be you will lend me the land

Section II             : Ordinal Numbers

                1st          - first                                     21st        twenty-first

                2nd        - second                                               bukan .. twentieth-first

                3rd         - third                                    31st        thirty-first

                4th         - fourth                                32nd      thirty-second

                5th         - fifth

                9th         - ninth

                20th       - twentieth

                First love                              --->  cinta pertama

                The first love                      ----> cinta yang pertama

Practice 1

                1. cinta pertama                                6.            saudara laki2 yang pertama

                2. cinta yang pertama                      7.            saudara perempuan pertama

                3. lagu pertama                                 8.            saudara perempuan yang pertama

                4. lagu yang pertama                        9.            presiden pertama

                5. saudara laki2 pertama                 10.          presiden yang pertama


The Names of the Days in a week (nama2 hari dalam 1 minggu)

                1.            Sunday

                2.            Monday

                3.            Tuesday

                4.            Wednesday

                5.            Thursday

                6.            Friday

                7.            Saturday

                The Names of the months in a Year

                1.            January                                                8.            August -oges

                2.            February                                              9.            September

                3.            March                                                   10.          October

                4.            April       -eprel                                    11.          November

                5.            May                                                       12.          December

                6.            June

                7.            July


Practice 2

What is the first day in a week?                     The first day is Sunday

Who is the first president of Indonesia?      The first president is Soekarno


Notice                   :

what day is today ?      Wednesday

what’s the date today ? June 23rd

Mary                     : Excuse me, Beth

Beth                      : Yes?

Mary                     : What day is today?

Beth                      : Today is Wednesday

Mary                     : I see, what is the date today?

Beth                      : Today is June 23rd  - baca june the 23rd

Mary                     : I see, thanks

Beth                      : That’s OK

Thanks for reading & sharing PANDUPEDIA.COM

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